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Upgraded packaging, with the ability to ship directly to people at their homes.

That’s what you’re getting with Perfectly Packaged, a new service that makes it easy to deliver a memorable gift experience for the holidays, virtual conferences, sales meetings or any other time your customers want to create a big impression.

Let’s start with the packaging, which includes a sturdy lift-top box that makes it feel like you’re opening a gift, not a bulk package. Other upgrades include decorative packing paper, a message card to accompany the gift and a custom sticker for the box, so gift recipients will know who it’s from as soon as it’s delivered.

And speaking of delivery, Perfectly Packaged includes drop shipments at no additional extra charge, so you can ship gifts directly to residential addresses rather than in bulk to a single location. Plus the service includes flat-rate shipping options*, so it’s easy to give your customers a quote.

  • Normal $7.50[G] per box fee includes: sturdy lift-top box, decorative packing paper, message card, custom sticker on the box, and all applicable kitting and drop-ship fees.

          There are two ways an order can qualify for free Perfectly Package service: ​​

                 1. Each drop shipment (i.e., each box in the order) must include products that total at least $55[C] based on

                     first-column item pricing. That $55[C] minimum can be met by a single product or a combination. 

                 2. The order includes any Trimark or Roots 73tm jacket or vest, regardless of price. (Excluding clearance


  • That $55[C] cost only includes total cost of products in an individual drop shipment, including first-location run charge. It does not include setup fees or additional decoration and / or rush-shipping costs.
  • Offer applies to orders originating from Richmond Hill, Ontario, (Trimark) or New Kensington, Pa. (Leed’s). 
  • Offer does not apply to orders below MOQ.

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