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  • Workwear & Medical Uniforms

    Workwear & Medical Uniforms (10)

    Help your brand become more visible with Canpromos custom workwear and safety vests. Custom workwear adheres to industry safety guidelines and retains unity among your employees. From safety vests, hard hats, gloves, masks, scrubs, and raincoats, you'll ensure that your employees take the right safety precautions all while brandishing your logo. Our durable logo workwear options are ideal for working outdoors in any weather and our logo scrubs will help medical staff everywhere stay safe, comfortable and clean. No matter what your needs are, you're sure to find something that fits your brand. So start browsing now!
  • Winter Hats

    Winter Hats (22)

    This winter it’s time to warm up to the idea of promotional winter toques, beanies and fleece hats. They’re the perfect promotional tools to get your logo out there during the cold months. You already know that everybody needs to bundle up, so take the opportunity to gift some custom winter hats to your clients and employees. Put your brand at the literal forefront of their mind with our selection of cozy and stylish knit hats, toques and custom beanies. Handing out branded embroidered pieces of headwear at events is a great way to ensure no potential client ever gives you the cold shoulder again!
  • Wine & Bar Glassware

    Wine & Bar Glassware (15)

  • Wine & Bar Accessories

    Wine & Bar Accessories (5)

    We offer something for every occasion, from a padded picnic wine tote to a corkscrew for your next holiday party. These promotional wine accessories will help your business stand out. Why settle for the ordinary, when you can give your next event a touch of class? Speak with one of our brand specialists to create the perfect promotional wine gift today!
  • Webcam Covers

    Webcam Covers (8)

  • USB Flash Drives

    USB Flash Drives (1)

  • Umbrellas

    Umbrellas (18)

    The next time it rains, these custom umbrellas will give you something to sing about. Keep recipients dry while keeping your brand top of mind! These compact umbrellas can fit in purses, briefcases and backpacks. Ensure employees or customers are never caught off guard by a spontaneous cloudburst! Browse our selection by price, color and size to get started on your own branded product.
  • Tumblers & Travel Mugs

    Tumblers & Travel Mugs (26)

  • travelgifts

    travelgifts (1)

  • Travel Accessories

    Travel Accessories (112)

    Travel related products and accessories
  • Tradeshow Giveaways

    Tradeshow Giveaways (105)

    Is your business getting prepped for the next tradeshow, expo or conference? Stocking your booth with giveaways is a vital part of the experience. The prospect of a free gift draws prospects in, allowing your sales team to pitch your product or service. From conversation starters to those must have giveaways. promo products are a great way to talk about your brand! At Canpromos, we know how important it is to find the right product for your booth.
  • Trade Shows & Events

    Trade Shows & Events (135)

  • Towels

    Towels (22)

    Quality personalized towels in a variety of styles and colors for a fun promotional experience.
  • Tote Bags

    Tote Bags (53)

    Canpromos specializes in custom tote bags in Canada. Promoting your business with personalized tote & bags is easy and cost effective with Canpromos. Custom tote bags give your logo some portable flair & fashion sense. Get a promotional edge by putting your products, catalogs or imprinted giveaways in reusable branded tote bags.
  • Tools & Flashlights

    Tools & Flashlights (39)

  • Technology

    Technology (126)

    Build your brand with cost-effective technology promotional products from Canpromos. Our ever-increasing selection of tech and electronic giveaways includes cell phone wallets, webcam covers, USB flash drives, battery chargers, headphones, Bluetooth speakers and more. All are backed by Canpromos quality & service commitment on every purchase. Impress customers with products that they can use every day in their own homes, cars and on the go. Place your company logo on the items that your customers will really appreciate. Call one of our Brand Consultants today, and they will help you complete your order. We love making clients look good!
  • Tech Gadgets & Accessories

    Tech Gadgets & Accessories (18)

  • t-shirts

    t-shirts (24)

  • Sweatshirts

    Sweatshirts (4)

  • Sunscreen

    Sunscreen (3)

  • Sunglasses & Accessories

    Sunglasses & Accessories (21)

    Get all eyes on your brand with some of Canpromos' custom sunglasses & Accessories! They're the perfect giveaway at outdoor festivals, events and conferences. Stylish promotional sunglasses will have people recognizing your logo every time the sun comes out. We have a variety of sunglasses types, from aviators and Wayfarer to Ray Ban-styled frames. Your clients, employees and event attendees will be looking good - almost as good as your logo!
  • Stylus Pens & Multifunctional Pens

    Stylus Pens & Multifunctional Pens (13)

  • Stress Balls, Toys & Games

    Stress Balls, Toys & Games (28)

    Canpromos offers custom printed stress balls, toys & games with your logo ready for imprinting.  If you want to show off your fun side, we have everything you need - just brand your logo onto some of our funny, versatile and memorable toys, games and stress balls and you can count on new business coming your way! Start browsing our vast inventory now to get the creative juices flowing and go into it with a sense of humor. Your newfound clients will appreciate it and remember you as someone that thinks outside the box.
  • Sports & Outdoors

    Sports & Outdoors (270)

    When people associate your brand with fun activities and events, they're more likely to have positive feelings toward you. That's why Canpromos offers a wide variety of sports & outdoors promotional products, including logo golf items. These products are practical, affordable and versatile; and since they're mostly utilized outdoors, you can rest easy knowing your company's logo will be seen by more people. When you gift potential clients or employees some promotional outdoor products, you're telling them that you want them to have a good time and you want to lend a helping hand in their enjoyment. A little gesture goes a long way, so start branding effective products such as customizable umbrellas, golf balls, picnic supplies, towels, hiking gear and more! Whether promoting a company golf outing or local sports league, we have all the customizable outdoor supplies you need.
  • Specials

    Specials (54)

  • Shaker Bottles & Infuser Water Bottles

    Shaker Bottles & Infuser Water Bottles (5)

  • Scarf & Gloves

    Scarf & Gloves (9)

  • Safety Equipment

    Safety Equipment (25)

    Struggling to find a useful promotional campaign? You know what they say: safety first! If you or your clients work in hazardous industries, consider promotional safety products for your next strategy. Let clients and staff know that you have their well-being in mind with our vast selection of safety equipment. From custom safety glasses to vests, earplugs, face masks and more. At Canpromos, you'll find useful, memorable products that look great with your logo.
  • Rush Item

    Rush Item (62)

  • Robes & Sleepwear

    Robes & Sleepwear (2)

    Add a level of sophistication to your business by creating your own custom robes & sleepwear. Plush, personalized bathrobes get your brand name on your target's minds from the moment they wake up, while spa kits are a great gift for showing appreciation for your employees. At Canpromos, our staff is standing by to help you design promotional sleepwear, robes, and slippers that look great and feel even better. Don't miss this dreamy opportunity to treat your colleagues and clientele. Design generous thank you gifts or promotional items embroidered with your logo with help from Canpromos today.
  • Promotional Pens

    Promotional Pens (33)

  • Power Banks & Adapters

    Power Banks & Adapters (35)

    Give power to the people with these custom power banks. Connect with your employees and clientele through the gadgets they use daily. Promotional Power bank chargers make for practical prizes at trade shows, sure to boost your chances of landing potential clients. They also make generous giveaways for employees, volunteers, and brand ambassadors. Give the gift of portable power for phones, tablets, laptops, and other on-the-go devices.
  • Polo shirts

    Polo shirts (21)

  • Pet Products

    Pet Products (13)

  • Personal Care

    Personal Care (27)

    Personal care promotional products improve your brand image while adding a special touch that lets everyone know you care about their health. Shop through a range of personal care and promotional beauty gifts designed for men, women and children of all ages. We believe in marketing that serves a purpose. Thoughtful personal care goods are useful, everyday things that your customers will keep in their bathroom, home, car and office. After all, who doesn't need toothbrushes, lip balm and hand sanitizers.
  • Pens

    Pens (90)

    <h2>Custom Pens Pencils & Highlighters Printed for Promotional Events</h2> Custom pens personalized with your logo will get your business the attention you seek. Expand your business reach with a few simple gifts.
  • Pencils

    Pencils (5)

  • Pen Gift Sets

    Pen Gift Sets (8)

  • pcnatest

    pcnatest (6)

  • Outerwear

    Outerwear (2)

    Shop custom outerwear jackets with your design for a memorable promotional gift! Logo vests and coats offer stylish options for staff and clients.
  • outdoorliving

    outdoorliving (1)

  • office

    office (1)

  • Napkins & Disposables

    Napkins & Disposables (8)

    Need some impressive-looking promotional items to dress the space of your next special corporate event or work function? Napkins, paper cups, and card coasters are necessities you’ll need to provide guests that also boast a phenomenally easy way of promoting your company name or campaign. You don’t have to be in the food and beverage industry to reinforce your messaging. Cater to your guests and keep costs down with customizable napkins and disposables that allow you to put your unique stamp on your next event.
  • Mouse Pads

    Mouse Pads (7)

    personalized mouse pads
  • Mints & Gum

    Mints & Gum (11)

  • Metal

    Metal (4)

  • Markers & Highlighters

    Markers & Highlighters (6)

  • Magnets

    Magnets (3)

  • Made in Canada

    Made in Canada (26)

    Promotional Products made in Canada or in some cases the United States.
  • Lunch Bags & Coolers

    Lunch Bags & Coolers (26)

  • Luggage Tags

    Luggage Tags (7)

  • Luggage & Garment Bags

    Luggage & Garment Bags (4)

  • Lip Balm

    Lip Balm (12)

    With custom lip balm, your name will be on the lips of everyone at your business, at your next trade show or joining in at your events. Choose from a variety of colors and flavors for the perfect combination. Then imprint the label with your logo and contact information for maximum visibility. Consider these giveaways during cold weather for relief from chapped lips. Or we also offer balms with SPF that are perfect for warm, sunny days!
  • License Plate Frames

    License Plate Frames (6)

  • Letter Openers

    Letter Openers (2)

  • Laptop & Computer Bags

    Laptop & Computer Bags (5)

  • Koozies & Insulated Can Holders

    Koozies & Insulated Can Holders (11)

  • Kitchen Products

    Kitchen Products (11)

  • Keychains